How to know if I am getting the best deal?

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The best way to shop is to have the full picture of your options based on your score and what the lender can offer. When you begin working with a loan officer, the LO should start with getting an idea of what you are looking for and then pull your credit score to look at your options.

After you know your score, the next part is to know what fees a mortgage provider is charging. At GAMC, we only charge an origination fee but other lenders may charge you additional fees.

Types of Fees

Origination fee and Interest rates

Every mortgage will have some version of these

In some cases, we can wave the origination fee but in turn, the rates may be higher to give a more reduced upfront payment option

Other Fees

Additional things a loan officer may charge and to keep an eye out for

Other fees can include an underwriting, processing, and/or service fee

With the knowledge of your credit, direction and what fees to look out for, shopping becomes easier and whenever you are ready to start the process, we are here for you!


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