W2s are important documents to the mortgage process, they help prove employment and show income but can be frustrating when finding since most of us only think about them when filing taxes once a year. Fortunately, IRS.gov has our back! 

Through IRS.gov you can request: Tax Return, Tax Account, Record of Account, and Wage and Income Transcripts, as well as Verification of Non-filing Letter. All requests for any of these documents must be submitted by the primary taxpayer. 

For online transcripts, you will need to create an account through Get Transcript | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov). For first time users, they require photo identification but once logged-in it is easy and fast to view or download your tax information. Always make sure you are on the correct site before entering personal information!! Government websites will always end in .gov! 

Here are some helpful steps once you began the process: 

  • Open email – click on the confirmation to confirm that it is your email. 
  • Choose a multifactor option by text – Put in code from text – Click continue 
  • Consent for ID Me to collect Biometric Date 
  • Open text link – send photo of your id to prove you are you – you can take a pic with your phone front and back – Hit submit 
  • Confirm this is not fraud 
  • Start liveness detection – This takes a few seconds and scans your face to make sure you are again you 
  • Go back to the website and enter your social 
  • Confirm all your information is correct 
  • Then you can pull your needed transcripts 

While we advise getting your transcript online, the IRS also offers the option to receive tax information through the mail or fax. This process requires a form or calling the IRS office at 800-908-9946 and usually gets processed within 10 days from the date the IRS receives it. 

More in-depth information is available on the IRS website, under the help tab. 


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